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LinkedIn Training in Hong Kong
Digital Nova / SB-Consulting


Digital Nova was tasked with designing a new WordPress website for SB-Consulting. The main focus was on improved SEO and the ability to sell online courses. Digital Nova helped the client to create a series of online course videos and included them in the final design.

Additionally, the website allowed users to sign up for upcoming webinars. Our team accurately planned out the user journey and behaviours to ensure the website was simple, elegant and easy to comprehend.

The Results

The website was a complex project that involved a lot of coordination with the client to ensure the final result hit all the original goals and aims. The design was modelled to be simple and elegant to maximize user experience and the information on the website was easy to comprehend.

The website achieved improved SEO, the ability to sell online courses, and a platform for users to sign up for upcoming webinars. Additionally, our team helped record marketing videos and create a LinkedIn profile video, showcasing the client in a positive light. Overall, the project was a challenging and enjoyable experience for Digital Nova.

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