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Novo IT

Digital Nova embarked on an exciting collaboration with NovoIT, Angola’s leading IT solutions provider, to conceptualize and bring their brand to the digital forefront. Entrusted with the crucial task of website development, our mission was twofold: to reflect the brand’s premium ethos and to ensure seamless functionality.

Drawing inspiration from Apple’s signature minimalist aesthetic, the design strategy focused on presenting NovoIT’s expansive product range in a streamlined manner. Additionally, we integrated diverse Angolan payment systems and introduced an innovative payment outreach via WhatsApp, catering to NovoIT’s tech-savvy clientele.

The Results

The NovoIT website emerged as a testament to sophisticated design meeting operational excellence. Clean lines and a minimalistic layout allowed products to shine, capturing the essence of the brand. Moreover, the unique integration of local payment methods, coupled with the WhatsApp alternative payment route, resulted in a user-friendly experience that resonated with the Angolan market.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers appreciating both the aesthetic and the ease of navigation. Through this project, Digital Nova once again showcased its prowess in creating digital solutions that truly resonate.

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