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Lux Creative

Digital Nova was tasked with rebranding Lux Creative and creating a new website that would reflect the company’s vision of revolutionizing fine art in the world of phygital assets. The aim was to showcase Lux Creative’s services in a luxurious and sophisticated manner, conveying the “cultured value” they aim to bring to the fine art industry.

The Results

Our team at Digital Nova created a unique wave pattern and developed a distinct brand identity for Lux Creative. The new website was designed with a focus on user experience and visually showcased the company’s services, capturing the fusion of art and technology.

The new website also reflects the sophistication and luxury that Lux Creative stands for, providing an online platform for clients to engage with the company and its services. Overall, the new website has become a representation of Lux Creative’s position as a leader in the phygital assets world.

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Lux Creative


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