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Col Sim Photography

Bringing a Photographer's Talents to the Forefront
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Col Sim Photography

A custom WordPress / WooCommerce website designed and built from scratch to serve as a portfolio and e-commerce store for an influential Hong Kong photographer, Col Sim. The goal of the website was to highlight Col’s incredible range of photography and improve the display of his work and overall visual impact while allowing him to sell prints through the website.

The design was intended to be minimal and light, with a focus on the photography rather than the layout, and to improve SEO.

The Results

Our team successfully designed and built a custom WordPress / WooCommerce website that effectively showcased Col’s photography and range of services. The minimalist and light design put the focus on the photography, while still allowing the website to be visually impactful. The website’s homepage was designed to highlight Col’s work, making it easy for visitors to navigate and learn more about his services.

The integration of WooCommerce allowed the website to function as an e-commerce store, making it easy for Col to sell prints. Our team continues to maintain the website and add new features as needed.

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Col Sim Photography




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