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Coast to Coast

Expanding Horizons for Frozen Seafood Imports
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Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast needed to expand its business reach and improve its brand image by creating a new sales channel for its frozen seafood imported from Canada. To achieve this goal, Digital Nova built a new Shopify website for the company.

The project was part of the Distance Business Programme offered by the Hong Kong government, and Digital Nova assisted Coast to Coast in applying for funding and navigating through the process. The website was created by transforming an existing Shopify theme into a unique and distinctive design with custom graphics while incorporating the company’s existing seafood transportation processes.

The Results

The new e-commerce website helped Coast to Coast expand its business reach and improve its brand image. The website added a new sales channel to the company’s business model, allowing them to optimise their operations on a larger scale.

The website also provided seamless integration with their current business processes, which made it easy for them to manage their online sales. As a result, Coast to Coast was able to increase their sales and attract more customers, making their business more successful and efficient.

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Coast to Coast




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